Wedding Guest Etiquette

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There are dozens and dozens of articles written about proper etiquette for weddings. How to address wedding invitations, who to invite to what, thank you cards, engagement parties, dealing with new family members and other important details to planning a wedding. But HERE! Here is an article I’ve been looking for for a while, and that is the proper etiquette of wedding guests! It’s not that you always have a ton of problems with your wedding guests, but there are usually a few in the bunch who make things more difficult for your or try to put themselves in the middle. And it’s not usually because they have something against you and your perfect wedding day…sometimes people just don’t think.

That’s one reason I love this article on wedding guest etiquette. It goes over several different points and just sort of reminds people how to act at a wedding. Seems juvenile, I know, but sometimes we all need a good reminder of what is proper and what isn’t. So here goes. Here is a point that is very near and dear to me, one that I had to deal with in my own wedding.

RSVP ASAP!!! Whether you say “I do” or “I don’t” to attending a wedding, mail back a response in a timely manner. The bride and groom are already stressed out planning a million other things to make their day perfect. They need a head count so that they can inform their caterer.

You can read the rest of these great wedding day etiquette tips here, check it out and let me know what you think!


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Is Love at First Sight Possible?

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Personally, I always thought no way. Lust maybe, but love, not a chance. How can you love someone you don’t know? How do you know their heart, their beliefs, even their ability to love you back and not break the trust you put in someone when you fall in love? How is that possible? I mean, what if they’re an addict or a child molester, or even a serial killer? I’ve read of real couples who supposedly fell in love at first sight, and have been married 60 years, and then I’ve talked to couples who made the same claims, but that so called “true love” fizzled out over just a couple of years. So it made me wonder, is love at first sight even possible?

Then I ran across this article, and it got me to thinking again…sort of brought the issue back to the forefront of my mind. It suggests that love at first sight just might be possible. And while I’ll never pretend to know the intricacies of the human brain and drives our actions, I’ve got to admit they make some good points in favor of the possibility.

So it made me think. Do you believe in love at first sight? Check out this article and let me know, I’d love to hear your feedback!

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What are You Most Excited About?

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Weddings are exciting, and it’s no wonder people love going to them. They’re full of romance, beauty, elegance and sometimes they’re exciting and different. But if you’re getting married, there’s always something that you’re most excited about in the whole day.

I know for me, I was totally excited about getting to see my whole family together in one place, and getting to wear my full wedding ring and officially be known as HIS wife. My husband and I had also planned our honeymoon together, and I also couldn’t wait to be away from all the stress of planning a wedding and relaxing on a beach south of the border with my true love.  But every bride is different.

Some brides look forward to the reception, to the events that they have planned after the wedding. Maybe most of your wedding funds are going to give you and your wedding guests one huge party to celebrate your wedding, and that’s the part you’re most looking forward to, or maybe you’re like me and can’t wait to escape and enjoy your dream vacation with your new husband/wife.  I know right now I’d love to go back, escape the stress of the everyday and just have a vacation with just him again, but life catches up to you and you can’t always escape like that.

So what about you? What part of your wedding do you look forward to the most? If you’re already married, what was your favorite part? What part could you just not wait for? I’m interested, let me know! :)

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Game Ideas for Outdoor Weddings

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As spring slowly warms up to summer, and then cools down to fall we remember one hot (sometimes literally!) trend for weddings is an outdoor wedding and reception. But what if you have a beautiful wedding day with perfect weather, what are some fabulous things you can do to entertain your guests? The good people at have the answer, with this awesome article about outdoor wedding games. I mean, if your wedding is in the early afternoon, not everybody is up for dancing or other options many brides go for in traditional wedding receptions, so why not plan some of these fantastic activities for your guests to enjoy, and make even more fun memories for your wedding day!

Here are some examples of fun games you can have set up for your weddings guests to enjoy:

Croquet – Yes croquet! If you’ve never played before it’s actually pretty fun and a ton of laughs. Plus you can put decorations on the top of each wicket to make it wedding themed. How fun is that?

Volleyball – This is a popular one in my circles, but mainly because we really love volleyball. Are we especially good? Not a chance, but it’s fun. If you employ this one though, you might want to give your guests prior notice to bring casual clothes for the reception. There’s nothing like trying to play volleyball in heels and a dress.

These are some of my favorite ideas they list, but there are even more in the article on the link above, so check it out.


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Top Tips for Great Wedding Photographs

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So I was checking around in the New York Times and ran across this insightful little article posted by a veteran wedding photographer, and I just had to keep reading. Apparently, Denis Reggie has a different take on wedding photography that he likes to call “photo journalism”, and it was a totally interesting read.  He’s photographed weddings for the stars, and other high profile weddings such as the Chelsea Clinton wedding awhile back – so he’s got to be doing something right.

In his article he lists his top 7 tips for taking great wedding photographs, and here’s my favorite one:

Overlook the obvious. Typically, wedding photographers plan for the classic — you might say clichéd — wedding moment, like the bride walking down the aisle. Mr. Reggie looks for a detail that tells the story in a new way. “Maybe it’s the mother clenching her hand to her chest, watching her husband walk the bride down the aisle,” he said.  “Look for the unexpected,” he said. “The reason so many people don’t get those real moments, is they are busy trying to orchestrate them, ‘Come over here, you’re here, turn this way.’”

So if you’re hiring somebody to take your wedding photographs, or are doing them for a friend’s wedding, you might want to consider some of these great points that he makes…I mean…they just make sense. You can check out the rest of his top tips for wedding photographs here:


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Thailand Honeymoon Destinations

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In all of the possible places where you could go and spend your dream honeymoon, where would it be? Most popular honeymoon destinations include places within the United States for the frugal minded couple, Mexico, Hawaii, the UK and other tropical islands that are sure to offer breathtaking views and totally new experiences. But there is one honeymoon destination that has been gaining popularity for the last several years, making it one to definitely put on the list of possible dream honeymoon locales – and that is Thailand.

In the past Thailand has had the reputation of being a not so great place for young couples in love to travel, but that has totally been changing the past several years. I can say that my husband and I have been to Thailand several times  – and the beauty of it and the food is something that keeps us coming back time after time.

So what are some popular honeymoon destinations in Thailand? Here are some of my top picks:

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Where to Get Ready for Your Wedding

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I can’t ever remember making as many decisions at one time as when I was planning my wedding. Decisions such as Getting-Wedding-Day-Readyhow long table clothes should hang off of the edge of the table, what waiters should be wearing and even where each table should be set up.  One of the decisions that actually took some prior planning and thinking seems like a simple solution for many brides, and that’s where to get ready for your wedding day. Most brides just plan on getting ready for their wedding at home, or at the church – but what’s the best place to really get ready for your wedding? Here are some thoughts.

Getting Ready at Home

One brides choose to get wedding day ready at home, or the home of a family member. This can be a great option for a couple of reasons. One reason is spending quality time with your family in a familiar location before your wedding. Many stylists will come directly to your house to do your hair there for a small fee, and everybody can get ready together. The downside of course is then staying wedding day beautiful for the trip to the church. High winds or rain could damage that beautiful hairstyle, and someone might forget something important at home and a frantic run back home is never great for the stress levels. Plus, you might need special transportation to get everybody over there at the same time with enough room for your giant and beautiful wedding dress.

Getting Ready at the Ceremony Location

Many churches and other locations who host weddings will offer the bride a room to get ready in before the big day. This is great in that you don’t have to travel far once you are wedding day ready, and it’s easy to find if you have a stylist or make up people coming in to help you get wedding day beautiful. Plus, it’s right on site so if something is forgotten or you need something, it’s super easy to get. No special transportation is needed to get you to the church, and sometimes the room is so fancy and beautiful it can be more fun to get ready there and pamper yourself  a bit.

So what are you going to do? What are your thoughts on where to get ready for your wedding?

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An Easy Tuscan Centerpiece

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A while back, I did an article on Tuscan Themed Weddings because I was seeing a lot of bTuscan Centerpiecerides and weddings with this theme, and personally I just love the color schemes that work so well with Tuscan weddings I couldn’t resist when I saw this. It’s an excellent idea for a cool, refreshing and surprisingly inexpensive wedding centerpiece for your Tuscan themed wedding. I mean, just check out that beautiful picture over there that I found from Martha Stewart. It’s fabulous, and I love her wedding ideas, they’re so easy to copy and do on your own.

How to Do It

You can easily visit your local farmer’s market or organic grocery store to find these lovely tomatoes in red and orange, and those beautiful little olives. As for the bread sticks, you might be able to find them frozen somewhere, but if you have a grandmother or friend who can make bread that is out of this world you might want to enlist their help. After all, fresh is ALWAYS better! Some small bowls of fresh marinara sauce, and you have a fabulous wedding centerpiece that works as appetizer and possibly wedding favors as well, giving away those beautiful baskets of tomatoes.

I love it, what do you think?

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Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

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Oh how I wish I had seen this marvelous idea when we were planning our wedding! One of the hottest new wedding trend Wedding Photo booth(and FUN one at that!) is to have a wedding photobooth at your wedding reception. They’re tons of fun, easy to set up, fun for your wedding guests and excellent memories of your wedding day that you can keep forever. I first heard about this new wedding trend a couple of months ago, and have been seeing it all over the place! Here are just a couple of ideas to get you rolling.

A Wedding Photo booth is Easy to Set Up

If you’re not as lucky as some of us with the option of tons of extra rooms for your wedding day, a photo booth can be as simple to set up as hanging some white cloth or even a colored shower curtain on the wall. Be sure to make a definite place where your guests are to stand for their pictures. At my cousin’s wedding just a few weeks ago, she simply strung out a bright and colorful shower curtain across the corner. If you’re having an outdoor wedding then string up a sheet or thick paper between two trees or wherever you can find a spot, preferably away from direct sunlight or windy areas which can have an adverse affect on your pictures.

Don’t Forget the Props!!

One of the things that set a wedding photobooth apart from any other kind of photo booth is the fun you can have, so don’t forget the props. The props can be anything your little heart desires. I’ve seen wigs, giant sunglasses, fedoras, feather boas, cut-outs of giant mustaches on sticks, giant red lips, tiaras, funny hats and other costume ideas. You can even include some large empty picture frames as props in your wedding and let your guests just get creative. Another fun idea is to include a white board and markers, or a chalkboard with chalk for special messages from your wedding guests.

One thing about this wedding trend is for sure. Your guests will have tons of fun taking pictures and watching others get their pictures taken, and not only that – but you’ll have some fun picture memories from your wedding that will leave you rolling long after your wedding is over.

Many thanks to my awesome cousin Caleb for this awesome wedding photo booth shot! :)

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A Soon to Be Royal Wedding

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It’s always interesting to see what sorts of trends will come around from year to year, from fashion and shoes to weddings,tiara there are so many different ways that everything could swing. I’ve looked through all sorts of articles on proposed wedding trends for 2011, and I’ve seen a lot of great ideas that I’m totally excited about. A few of the things I’ve already blogged about, like vintage weddings and outdoor weddings and wedding receptions. But one that I’ve been holding back on until now was the trend of  a royalty wedding.

Whether you keep up with the royal family across the pond or not is up to you, but most of the world (wedding planners included) are keeping all eyes on Katherine Middleton and Prince William as they are dutifully and secretly planning their own wedding day. While details are scare, a few small details have leaked out, such as the date set, the location and time, and even that there will be no horse drawn carriage. But the world is still watching, eager to see what these two trendsetters will choose.

So yes, one hot wedding trend this year will be a royalty wedding. Expect huge ballroom gowns (even though we don’t know what sort of dress Katherine will be wearing – experts are saying that ballroom gowns will be huge this year) with beautiful and intricate cathedral trains, tiaras, a horse drawn carriage and all of those other little special touches that just shout something special.

So…if you could be a fly on the wall in the room where Prince William and Kate Middleton do their wedding planning, what would you like to peek into?

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